Voice Overs

PlayVoice IDCategoryGenderLanguageDownload
AF JP DOC 01DocumentariesFemaleAfrikaans
AF JP EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleAfrikaans
AF JP COM 01CommercialsFemaleAfrikaans
AF JP IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsFemaleAfrikaans
AF PS EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleAfrikaans
AL EP EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleAlbanian
AR AA IVR 01IVR/Phone systemsMaleArabic
AR AA COM 01CommercialsMaleArabic
AR AA EL 02eLearning/TrainingMaleArabic
AR AA NR 01NarrationMaleArabic
AR FN COM 01CommercialsMaleArabic
AR AG EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleArabic
AR HE EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleArabic
AR RM EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR NN EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleArabic
AR NR EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleArabic
AR PO EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR MS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR AO EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR TS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR RA EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AR AM EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleArabic
AS BR EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleAssamese
BE MR EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleBengali
BUL NN EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleBulgarian
BUL KD EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleBulgarian
BUL IL EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleBulgarian
BUL VT EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleBulgarian
BUL KF EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleBulgarian
BUL ZS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleBulgarian
CAN AW EL 02eLearning/TrainingMaleCantonese
CAN JH EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleCantonese
CAN ZT EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleCantonese
CAN AC EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCantonese
CAN XL EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleCantonese
CAN LP EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCantonese
CAN AW EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCantonese
CAN JL EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCantonese
CAN GW EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCantonese
CAN AM EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleCantonese
CA DS EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCatalan
CA JF EL 01eLearning/TrainingMaleCatalan
CA EG EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCatalan
CA ERA EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCatalan
CZ MP EL 02eLearning/TrainingMaleCzech
CZ MP NR 01NarrationMaleCzech
CZ TK EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCzech
CZ KB EL 01eLearning/TrainingFemaleCzech
DA MM COM 01CommercialsMaleDanish
DA MM MOV 01TV shows and MoviesMaleDanish
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